San Pancho Nay

About Maraica

Feel the connection

With an unique concept that keeps nature as main amenity and guide, our guests walk the path towards reconnection with earth. In Maraica San Pancho we excel for honoring and maintaining as headlight the enigmatic “Wixárika” culture. This mythology and philosophy is recurring in every corner of the hotel, and its protuberance is shared all around with our incredible sustainable architecture; the palm ceilings, parota furniture, the immense windows with amazing views, all this letting slip inside radiant sensations of the Mexican Pacific.

Maraica San Pancho is a pet friendly hotel that respects nature and its inhabitants. We generate our own energy with solar panels, recycled waste, we treat our wastewater and re-incorporate it as irrigation use of our ornamental gardens. We put aside the disposable plastics, styrofoam and straws; offering to our guests different options as drinking water in refillable glass bottles, 100% natural personal hygiene and beauty local products. In addition, we use reusable bottles and totally biodegradable and ecological cleaning supplies.

Renewable energy
Yoga Retreats
Tropical fruit orchard
Covid-19 Filter
Pet friendly
Saltwater pool
Ocean View
Wifi in restaurant and pool
Eco turism
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Balancing activities

Stretch, breathe, calibrate

To us, it is vital that you can live a complete experience full of light, free your mind and feed your soul. Surrounded by exquisite nature wishing to be explored and at same time far away from technology, we offer you different ways to re-calibrate your inner self and rejoining to earth.

Yoga session
Surf lessons
Boat tours

Horse ride
Canopy tour
Bird watching
Massages in your room