Actulización Covid-19
Queremos mantenerte seguro, es por ello que estamos aplicando protocolos de sana distancia en todas nuestras áreas comunes, de igual forma encontrarás gel antibacterial en áreas comunes y contamos con un stand de toma de temperatura y doctores a domicilio las 24 horas.
San Pancho Nay
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A recess perched outdoors, surrounded by trees, zigzagging palm trees, the chirping of exotic birds, and the delicious sound of the waves with a touch of tropical rhythm is what we will give you for your special moments.

Maraica San Pancho with its wind kitchen and tropical bar were designed to host all kinds of celebrations and events; From intimate requests for hands, romantic weddings, yoga retreats at sea.

Our open garden and palapa spaces will provide tranquility and pleasure to all guests of the event. We also have a boutique, SPA service and beauty salon at your disposal.

Send us a message to help you create moments that you will treasure forever.

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